Coffee Ice Cubes: A Tribute

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When I was in college, I loved discovering new coffee shops for studying. The change in scenery helped me focus, and because I’m an avid coffee drinker, I loved trying new versions of my favorite go-to’s. One of my favorite places, however, carried the best version of iced coffee I’ve ever tasted. It wasn’t necessarily that their brew was better than the other (million) types of coffee I’ve tried, but they used coffee ice cubes. Brilliant! The flavor was long-lasting and fresh without the watered-down taste iced coffee usually has after the first several minutes. Needless to say, I love practicing this tradition from time to time in the warmer months at home, and whenever I do, it brings me a little friendly reminder of happy college days.

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The New Plaid

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Bar III top – similar here and here / Anthropologie plaid pants / leather tote – similar here and here / Loft cardigan – I also like this one / H&M gold chain necklace – similar here / Michael Kors watch

Plaid is a top trend for fall, and while I love the bold color combinations usually shown in button-down shirts, I also love the soft, feminine hues like the ones shown in these Anthropologie pants. They’re soft with a romantic feel, and so comfortable I could live in them! I’m excited to incorporate the plaid trend in unexpected ways this season.

Current Favorites

boho chic cafe
1. Bokeh paper garland
3. Alexander Wang bag
4. 10 variations of avocado toast I need to try
5. 6 ways to make your own platform bed (with storage)
6. J. Crew Valentina mirror metallic pumps

Gray and Aztec

boho chic cafeboho chic cafeboho chic cafeboho chic cafe boho chic cafeboho chic cafeboho chic cafe
Ella Moss top / Moorea Seal aztec clutch – alternate color here / Stella & Dot necklace – similar here / Madewell rings / black pumps – similar here

I discovered this Moorea Seal wool clutch a few months ago, and I was immediately drawn to its bold blanket patterns which are so on trend right now. I found myself coming back to it repeatedly, and then I saw that they donate a percentage of your purchase to charity which made it an even happier purchase!

On another note, fall is starting to show here as the weather cooled down this weekend. It was absolutely beautiful, so I spent the majority of my time outside on our neighborhood trail or reading a book. It was both productive and incredibly relaxing — just what I needed before a busy week!


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